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Our Services

Matt Painting


We can make the impossible possible.

Digital painting at any resolution.


Production Support



We offer a range of production support services, for Feature Film, TV, Documentary and corporate service:

Repair, VFX, Animation, Storyboard,

  Art department, Photography, Posters.

Story Boards


Storyboards are the easy low cost way to show just how your film will come to life.



We take your shots and make them mind blowing. We can ad or remove anything from your shot. We can recreate your shot the way it was meant to be.



Visual Effects are needed in most films. We offer a service to help you see your vision into existence.

Even low budget effects

For Indie film makers

Art & Design


We offer a design and conceptualisation service for your film or commercials. Need a special VFX on screen to capture the viewers attention?

Pre Visuals


Pre visuals help you save money.

By creating low grade pre visuals, you can test out to see if your vision can come to life on film.

Special Effects Makeup


We do provide on set special effects makeup service. Blood effects, wounds and bruising.

As well as normal beauty makeup.

sculpting and Latex molding service.

Non Profit 


We do help NON Profit Organisations, such as TAFE, School, Church/Charity Organisations and student/indie film.


Email us to find out more.


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